Burn More Calories

Burn More Calories!

Burn More Calories!

Adding 15 minutes of moderate exercise, say walking one mile, to your daily schedule will use up 100 extra calories per day. (Your body burns about 100 calories of energy to walk one mile, depending on your body weight.  Maintaining this schedule would result in an extra 700 calories per week used up, or a loss of about 10 pounds in one year, assuming your food intake stays the same. To look at energy balance another way, just one extra slice of bread or one extra soft drink a day – or any other food that contains approximately 100 calories – can add up to ten extra pounds in a year if the amount of physical activity you do does not increase.

So cut out one soda each day and walk a mile each day! You could easily lose over twenty pounds per year with this one tiny change! Here are some more estimates for calories burned during an hour of exercise:

Bicycling (5 mph)                                 174
Dancing (Ballroom)                              210
Golf (2-some, carrying clubs)             324
Horseback riding (sitting to trot)        246
Light housework, cleaning, etc.          246
Swimming (crawl, 20 yards/min)         288
Tennis (recreational doubles)              312
Volleyball (recreational)                       264
Aerobic Dancing                                  546
Basketball (recreational)                      450

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Making Time for Fitness

Who has time for getting in shape? Or at least trying to stay somewhat fit. Who knew what a juggling act we’d have to pull off – all in the name of parenting? Getting the little ones ready for school and Church. Trying to spend at least a half an hour working on their schoolwork each day. Trying to balance the joys of parenthood and family time with career objectives, Church, social, and civic activities – where does the time go?

And then scheduling even 30 minutes a day for exercise can be a challenge! Some days we get lucky and find 30 minutes at lunch to enjoy an energizing walk. And that just doesn’t seem enough. Here and there we get to the gym. Those days seems fewer and fewer lately. Time for ourselves can be a real luxury.

What if we didn’t even have to leave the house to get in a really great workout? What if we could get a great workout – at home? And not spend hours in the gym or wast even a moments time waiting for a machine to open up?

What if we could get up a few minutes before everyone else and kick start our day with a healthy dose of cardio on a machine many swear is the most efficient calorie burner ever designed? While we watch the morning news? Or enjoy a few of our favorite songs? Without even bothering to get fully dressed?

Many fitness lovers who somehow manage to balance their obligations and still look great – swear by their ultimate fat-burning machine. They’ve discovered the secret to great workouts – in less time – and in the comfort of their own homes!

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Getting in Shape Fast Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Enjoy your favorite sports at every age

Enjoy your favorite sports at every age

Numerous scientific studies have arrived at the same conclusion –  happiness seems to increase as we grow older. As we age we gain wisdom and a better perspective on life. Many develop more realistic expectations, and a tendency to be more at ease, comfortable, and content with what they have.

Living a healthy lifestyle is your best opportunity to preserve your vitality.  A few simple habits often produce magnificent results in terms of better health. Strive to get more sleep, exercise regularly, eat a healthy, balanced diet, and get annual checkups. Accept and adapt to your limitations. Growing older can slow many of us down a bit. We may not be able to hit serves like Andy Roddick while playing tennis anymore. We can, however, still enjoy the game.  Aging doesn’t mean we have to give up the sports and fun activities we enjoy


Studies also show that optimists live longer, more satisfying lives. So if you’re not exactly the optimistic type, you might benefit by learning to be one. Vow to make your first thought of the day a positive one. Many people get a certain peace of mind through early morning prayer.  Join the countless millions who enjoy a little early morning exercise. Try to read something positive like some inspirational quotes or affirmations to start your day off right.

Try new sports. Join a class at the local library or college. It will help keep your mind sharp. Focus on today. Don’t look back—Regret is just a waste of time. Try to avoid it.  If life isn’t working out like planned, forgive yourself, learn from your mistakes and then move forward! Edison used what he learned from his many unsuccessful attempts – he kept moving forward!

You can have a much better and healthier life if you get a little exercise most days of the week. Combine healthy eating habits with your daily exercise and enjoy a  healthier and happier lifestyle!  Whether you are out to improve your self esteem or striving to get rid of that pot belly you’ve been lugging around – start getting in shape fast and watch your quality of life improve immensely!

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Work Hard at Having Fun!

Have fun while you get skinny!

Have fun while you get skinny!

The facts are clear – You’ll achieve just about anything you want if you keep a positive mental attitude. Many athletes believe they will win! A reporter once asked Pete Rose how many times he expected to get a hit that day. His reply was – “every time I step up to the plate!” You can achieve whatever goal you set. Write it down! Visualize your success!

What’s getting in the way of your goals? Keep focused on your goal. Whether your goal is to lose weight, get in better shape, win a golf tournament, just get out there and do it. Stay focused on and keep moving towards your goal. Take action every day! And its OK to miss a day. Every body needs rest!

Get out your planner and schedule yourself for some kind of physical activity for 30 minutes a day. Shoot for five times a week. Many successful athletes work out 6 or 7 days a week for 3 or even more hours a day!

Take pride in your efforts – you have the right to feel proud for just being out there! Have fun with whatever exercise routine you go for. Try new things. A variety of workouts and exercises will help you maintain a better balanced physique! Take up a new sport – or two. Work hard at having fun!

You can reshape your body into a leaner, sexier body with plenty of energy for just about any pursuit. People will start to notice your better health. You’ll start to display a renewed vigor for life and have a much better attitude. Your self confidence will continue to grow.

Try it for a month. Work Out as many days as you possibly can. Keep eating healthy foods and getting plenty of exercise! You’ll soon be hooked! Start Getting in Shape Fast and watch your energy and zest for life reach new highs! You’ll experience a natural high!

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Her Secret was Simple – Exercise and Lose Weight Fast

Enjoy the beauty and splendor of nature!

Enjoy the beauty and splendor of nature!

Several years ago I had the good fortune to meet an amazing young lady – I’d guess she was in her mid 40s. I’d greeted her many a time as she walked in a nearby park! She was always smiling it seemed. And swinging her arms as she walked at a pretty good pace up and down the rolling hills in that picturesque little park.

One day I finally asked her how she managed to always have a smile on her face. She told me that this hour of walking was her favorite time of her day. She enjoyed getting out in the fresh air and walking away her troubles. She was so genuinely friendly and full of smiles I had a hard time imagining her faced with many troubles! She went on to tell me she had lost over a hundred pounds just walking every day and eating a sensible, healthy diet. It took her a year and a half – but she stuck with her daily walk and succeeded!

Several scientific studies suggest that optimists live longer, more satisfying lives. So if you’re not an optimist, take a few steps in that direction each day. If you keep thinking like an optimist you will eventually join those many people who already know the benefits of living with a more positive outlook. Vow to make your first thought of the day a positive one. Try to begin each day with an inspirational or positive message. Forget the early morning news. If it’s really important – you’ll hear about it. Many people enjoy starting their day with a positive Bible verse. The key is to start thinking good thoughts first thing in the morning. Start your day off right – with good, positive thoughts.

Whether you want to lose ten pounds or 110 – if you maintain a positive outlook, you’ll have a much better chance of achieving your goal. Visualize your success! If you think you can reach your goal – you most likely will. I think it was Henry Ford who said – “If you think you can or think you can’t – you’re right”.

Create a picture in your mind – a vision of you reaching that goal – visualize yourself wearing a smaller size before Halloween, or Thanksgiving. Set a reasonable target – one that you can honestly expect to meet. Break it into manageable pieces – like “I will lose one pound each week” Or two.

Then set out and take action. Start small if you like. Just start! Take at least a little action in the direction of your goal each day.

Start with a brief walk. Or, if you feel ready, start jogging. Don’t push yourself too hard at first! Learn a new sport. Take up golf or tennis. Or simply start walking in the mall where the temperature is always pleasant! A variety of sports and exercise routines will help you maintain a better balanced level of fitness. Work your legs harder one day and your arms the next. Try to get some cardio in at least five days a week.

The key is to get started. And then keep moving.

Gradually increase your time and your pace. Walk a little farther and a little faster each day. When you start to feel comfortable – start jogging. Again, take it slow – and don’t try to go too far too fast.

Don’t look back – stay focused on enjoying right now! Or at least making the best of whatever life brings your way!

If your life isn’t how you imagined it would be, forgive yourself for your mistakes and move forward
with the lessons you’ve learned. Treat yourself kindly. Don’t dwell on your mistakes – or beat yourself up. Learn to move on. And keep moving – in the direction of your goal.

Remember – getting in shape fast takes daily exercise and healthy eating choices. Start your journey today. The quickest way to lose weight is with daily exercise and healthy eating! You can do it – enjoy the journey towards a much healthier lifestyle. You can eat healthy, exercise and lose weight fast!

If you want to burn more calories in less time – and explode your weight loss and exercise into the most efficient muscle building workouts – Get your Bowflex® TreadClimber® cardio machine today.

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Start with small steps

The biggest mistake that people make when starting an exercise plan is starting too fast or too hard. Take your time – and strive to make exercise and strength training a lifelong habit. You’ll be on your way to a strong, independent, and vibrant life!

After the first week or so of strength training, you should start doing each exercise with weights that you can lift at least ten times with only moderate difficulty. (If a given exercise seems too difficult—if you cannot do at least eight repetitions—then the weight you are using is too heavy and you need to scale back.) No worries – take your time. Small steps lead to big results! Just keep at it!

After a couple weeks of strength training, you should reassess the difficulty of each exercise with your current level of weights. You may start doing the overhead press with one-pound dumbbells, for example. By the end of the second week, the exercise may feel too easy—that is, you can easily lift the one-pound dumbbell through the full range of motion and in proper form more than twelve times. You should now step up your weights to two- or three-pound dumbbells and see how the exercise feels at the new weight level.

To take full advantage of the many benefits of strength training, it’s important to consistently increase the intensity of your workout by challenging your muscles with heavier weights. This continuous challenge helps your muscles grow strong – and stay that way! Progressing will boost your feelings of accomplishment and your self esteem!

Make the choice – start slow and gradually increase your time and intensity. And, be sure to include some time for stretching! Stretching will help keep your muscles flexible! Building Muscles

building muscles leads to a lifetime of better health

building muscles leads to a lifetime of better health

with exercise and strength training are among the many natural and healthy ways to lose weight fast. Eating Healthy is very important – both in helping you lose weight and giving your body the nutrients needed for exercise.

Soon you’ll be ready for the most advanced calorie burning machine available anywhere. If you want to pick up your pace and see results sooner – Get your Bowflex® TreadClimber® cardio machine today.

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Schedule your time for Getting in Shape Fast

    The quickest way to lose weight is to renew your strength! Exercise and lose weight fast! Eat a sensible, healthy diet! Enjoy this wonderful time of year! Do you have an extra room in your house? Or how about some extra space in the basement? It doesn’t take much room to set up your very own mini fitness center. Save gas. Avoid expensive trips to the gym or health club.

    The quickest way to lose weight is with daily exercise. Strength training will further your calorie burning and help you start getting in shape fast!

     Put some of your favorite music in that iPod and start building muscles and getting in shape fast! Enjoy your exercise time. Watch a favorite movie. Listen to some cool music! Watch your body get stronger – fast. Enjoy a Lean and Sexy body – that others will admire!  

Start today – make the choice to enjoy a healthy lifestyle in 2008.

Get your Bowflex® TreadClimber® cardio machine today.

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